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Aug 1988 - Editorial

Our first principal contributor picks up the history of Israel's failures at the point where Isaiah enters the scene, sent by the Lord to guide the nation back to Himself. But his success is limited and temporary, for in spite of the leadership of good King Hezekiah, the people are set upon an idolatrous course. Nevertheless Isaiah, like some other apparent failures, has multitudes of converts down the ages and many an effective address is preached from his grand prophecy. A score of his chapters yield appealing gospel messages used of the Holy Spirit in many a conversion.

Our other main series article handles a subject specially appropriate in our Centenary Year. Needed Truth was first published to make more widely known, among other Bible truths, the differences between the churches of God and the Church, the Body of Christ, also the practical consequences which flow from a right understanding of this subject.

After reviewing Australia's Bicentenary, Focus sees the hand of God in developments in that continent, and indeed worldwide. During the last two centuries the progress of the gospel in many lands had been remarkable, many factors making for a real awakening which we can look back to with thankfulness. We see its beneficent results everywhere, even though much of the Western world can now hardly be called "Christian".