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Eye Gate And Ear Gate

We have two main channels into our mind, called by John Bunyan, Eye Gate, and Ear Gate.

Through these flows most of the knowledge we receive. Through Eye Gate we may clearly see the eternal power and godhead of the Great Creator. Through Ear Gate comes the message of life, for the words spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ: "He that heareth My word, and believeth Him that sent Me, hath eternal life," have brought "Life, Rest and Peace" to millions.

So we see that much that is good, indeed vital, comes to our minds and hearts through these gates. There has always been the danger that evil and dangerous things too may come in' through the same channels.

It was through Ear Gate that the devil gained access to the mind of Eve. He is the father of lies, and his first lie led to the ruin of our race. But today the volume of matter that may be received is vastly increased, through the printing press, radio and television these present grave dangers to the Christian.

Some may say that much that is good may be read and heard and seen through these means. But the dangers lie in the mind becoming engrossed with the passing things of this world, things which engage the mind and all too often corrupt it from the simplicity and purity that is toward Christ. Also they occupy precious time, that may be far better occupied. The dangers are increased because these things are made attractive.

How true are the words:

"I see the sights that dazzle

The tempting sounds I hear!"

What is the remedy?

First, earnest prayer for grace and strength to resist the temptation to listen or to look. Next, the great need is to have the mind fully occupied, for reading and meditation on the Word of God are vital. We often sing:

"Saviour Thou art enough,

The mind and heart to fill."

And this is true, but this can only he as we seek and find "In all the Scriptures, the things concerning Himself." These things, if we seek prayerfully and humbly, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us for He delights to take of the things of Christ, and reveal them to us.

Finally, fill your hands with some simple service for Him. Ask Him to show you what service He has for you to do.

"Let none hear you idly saying

There is nothing I can do.

You can give the printed message

Gladly scatter for the Lord.

Take the task He gives you gladly,

Let His work your pleasure be.

Answer gladly when He calleth,

'Here Am I. Send me. Send me.'"