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Consider Him

Over 250,000 persons lined the shore of Lake Ontario, in Toronto, one Thursday evening in August, peering into the dusk of night to catch a glimpse of a young girl, only 16 years of age, swimming towards their shore It was the greatest battle of her life! Not for fame or fortune but because of her love for her country and people she decided to enter this endurance race to swim from the U S A shore of Lake Ontario across 32 miles of rough water to Toronto and home. It was an epic of stamina, perseverance, and endurance and this remarkable girl won the hearts of millions. Many Canadians set aside their business forgot world problems the Formosa crisis and matters of state, to congratulate this young girl who dared to swim the Lake, battling the waves for 21 long hours and finally won the race. Another outstanding achievement of men has been the conquest of Mount Everest.

We turn our eyes from such achievements of mankind, to "Consider Him "-One who, out of love for those who never loved Him, endured the Cross, despising shame. Not for fame or financial gain or profit, but all because of His outstanding love, He endured the loneliness of earth's pathway, the coldness of men's hearts, the buffeting of the Adversary and finally the darkness of this earth's darkest hour when He endured the wrath and judgement of God for man's guilt.

Follow His every movement, His moments here on earth, and gaze with tear-filled eyes upon Him as in these last hours He sets His steps towards Jerusalem, knowing what things would befall Him. Gethsemane, Pilate's Hall-Behold Him! Standing all alone, a crown of thorns upon His brow, His back torn with the lash, His cheeks still smarting from the slap of the soldiers and from the hairs plucked therefrom. Behold the Man! But this is not the end, Golgotha's anguish, death, the tomb, the patient Saviour needs must know. He endures it all and finishes as a mighty victorious Conqueror, all for us!

Has He won our hearts? Has His outstanding accomplishment thrilled our beings, won our love, our all? Have we put aside other things of this world and now see no one, but Jesus only? No world events can compare with what our Saviour has done. May He win the place in our hearts and lives He so well deserves

When I survey, the wondrous cross,

On which the Lord of glory died,

My richest gains I count but loss,

And pour contempt on all my pride."

We need to be pressing on and to encourage one another in this marathon, looking off unto Jesus, who has promised to be with us, even unto the end. Stamina it will need, but He is able to supply the needed strength.

Press on! Never quit! Go on ... Go on!

"Behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me" (Revelation 22.12).