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Comment By Torchlight

Editorial Change

Editors regret to announce that our co-editor Mr John Drain of Derby (formerly of Belfast) has reluctantly decided that owing to failing health it is necessary for him to relinquish his editorial responsibilities. For the past thirteen years he has played a leading part in the direction of this magazine. His mature judgement and penetrating mind, allied to a profound knowledge of Scripture, have been applied without stint to his editorial duties. We will greatly miss his valuable counsel, always given with courteous deference. Throughout our association as editors he has earned not only our esteem but also our deep affection. We feel sure that readers will wish to join us in thanking our brother for his services, and for the many helpful articles from his pen which have enriched these pages in recent years. We trust and pray that this relief from the strain of laborious mental concentration will contribute to his restoration to better health. We are assured that should we have occasion in future to consult him on any particular problem he will readily assist as circumstances permit.

Mr George Prasher of Manchester has been invited, and has agreed,

to join the editorate of Needed Truth from this date. He is well known to many of our readers as an editor of our contemporary Bible Studies, and we are grateful to the editors of that magazine for agreeing to release him. His articles published in Needed Truth for many years have been highly valued. We welcome him to the editorate and are confident that his wide experience and vigorous mind will bring freshness and challenge to our counsels.

It will be our constant endeavour to sustain the character of Needed Truth as a journal devoted to sound exposition of the Holy Scriptures. This has been the ideal of former editors since the inception of the magazine ninety years ago. Such an undertaking demands that we handle aright the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15) - no mean task. We approach it once more with fear and trembling and invite readers to continue in prayer that we may be faithful "stewards of the mysteries of God" (1 Cor. 4:1). We are grateful to our loyal contributors, and we look to the Lord for a continuing exercise by writers old and new to sustain a steady flow of wide-ranging expository and devotional material.

During the present year, if the Lord will, our main study subject will be, "The Gospel and its Ministry". The introductory article of the series begins at page 4 of this issue. It is sometimes objected that such treatment of Scriptural subjects is too 'heavy' for modern readers. In reply we contend that "the apostles' teaching", from which Christian doctrine is derived, is found in the Epistles of the New Testament which, in the main, were addressed to young churches of God. The spiritual wealth they contain will never be acquired by merely scratching the surface. There is such a thing as spiritual laziness! 'Dig deep' and you will be enriched in mind and heart, and in turn you will enrich those among whom you serve. The reverent study of Holy Scripture is a 'must' if God's people are to be established in the Faith in these decadent days.

Living Sacrifices

"Their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.

first they gave their own selves to the Lord, and to us by the will of God" (2 Cor. 8:2,5).

The generosity of the Macedonian churches was a noble example of selfless Christian giving, and its underlying cause. Paul's moving tribute to it was not for them alone. The apostle used it with telling effect to encourage other churches along the same road.

In taking stock of our spiritual health at the outset of another year we could profitably enquire, To what extent does self and self-interest motivate my life and yours? Self-love masquerades under many aliases. It presses its claims even in our most sacred moments. A subtle foe to be faced and shunned!

"From subtle love of softening things,

From easy choices, weakenings,

From all that dims Thy Calvary,

0, Lamb of God, deliver me!"