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Jan 1995 - Editorial

Following the advice of James (4:13-15) that we ought always to make some reference to our dependence upon the Lord's will, editors make known their plans for 1995.

The main subject is The Life of Joseph, and when the number of chapters in

Genesis devoted to his life and times are noted, it is apparent that he is not a

minor character. He also finds honourable mention in Hebrews Chapter 11 as a patriarch who displayed firm faith in the fulfilment of God's promises.

These articles will consider those aspects of Joseph's character and behaviour which mark him out as a type of Christ. Joseph won his father's approval and Jacob's love for him was amply demonstrated. He was always willing to accomplish any mission on which he might be sent. Joseph's rejection by his brethren and their heartless treatment of him, followed by his being sold for financial reward, find a ready parallel in the experience of the Lord. The same is true of his remarkable exaltation which led to him becoming a saviour to the world.

Last year a series of articles, Simon Peter: Bondservant and Apostle, appeared in alternate issues. It is proposed to continue this arrangement with a further six in 1995. The articles are maintaining a balanced presentation recognizing that, while Peter failed on more than one occasion, after repentance and restoration he was used to bring many to discipleship.

In 1994, five articles in the series: the Lord Among the Lampstands, appeared based on the messages to the Churches of God in the Roman province of Asia during the first century A.D. Four more articles on the messages in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 have been prepared for this year to complete this series.

The centrespread will continue to FOCUS the Word of God on issues facing believers today. A Christian perspective will be presented on areas of contemporary thought and practice.