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Extracted From The Scripture Of Truth

Martin Luther said, "The Church cannot give more force or authority to a book than it has in itself. A council cannot make that to be Scripture which in its own nature is not Scripture."

This was the fatal mistake made at the Council of Trent (1545-63)-which, by the way, was practically a Roman Catholic Council, being presided over and controlled by the Pope when they decided that the fourteen uninspired books of the Apocrypha should be included in the canon of Scripture. But any child can see that that decision cannot really alter the true character of those uninspired books, which were written nearly two thousand years previously, any more than spurious metal can be converted into gold by being hall-marked!

How, then, was this all-important matter settled? It was decided by the internal testimony and intrinsic value of the writings themselves-just as the true character of a tree, though questioned, and even vehemently denied, for a time in the dead months of winter, will, nevertheless, soon be established beyond all doubt not on the authority of some expert gardener or association of gardeners, but by its own unanswerable evidence in the flower and fruit it bears. So with the books which form the canon of Scripture.