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From Exclusion To Inclusion

Life is about relationships. Life is about other people. For the Christian, life is about my relationship with God and other people. Probably all of us have a web of relationships, small or large, with family, neighbours, friends, and at ...


Peter - First Among Equals

The disciple Peter's bold, enthusiastic, impetuous character attracts us because of his inconsistent, instant reaction to events. He has a strong 'act now, think later' tendency! He is like so many of us! Peter jumps from a boat to ...


His Web Of Relationships

These days we tend to describe people in different ways from people in Bible times. We tend to apply psychological words to people such as extrovert / introvert, optimist / pessimist or anxious / easygoing. We understand character primarily in ...


The Luxury Of Listening


Micah: Bribery And Corruption


Struggling With God

Disability is a familiar feature of our society. As people live longer, we know more about disabilities of elderly people. As large institutions close, there are more people living ordinary lives in the community. Every marathon race ...


Attitudes And Access

The most powerful person in the world needed a wheelchair. But he tried to keep it a secret. Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, insisted that the small wheels of his chair were covered over when he ...


From Affliction To Acceptance

The most famous Christian in the New Testament had a disability. He travelled thousands of miles, shared the gospel at every opportunity, founded churches across Asia and was a prolific letter writer. The apostle Paul achieved all this ...


People, Not Problems

The Formula One motor racing successes of Frank Williams are world famous. In 1997 he won the Grand Prix Constructor's Championships for the ninth time. Whilst he enjoys international motor racing success, it may be a surprise to ...


Voice From The Cross - Introduction

We are told more about what the Lord said than about what He suffered. The authors of the Gospels say, 'And they crucified Him'. The Gospels are reticent about this appalling method of capital punishment used by the Romans. Instead, ...


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