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(1)his Call


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Triumph Of The Crucified

The message of the crucified Christ was primary in Paul's preaching; this was particularly evident in his preaching at Corinth and in subsequent letters. He preached not only that Christ was once crucified, but that He continues in His character ...


The Power Of The Gospel


Run And Wrestle

In athletics there are sprinters, middle and long distance runners and those who participate in field events. The Christian life is more like a long distance race than a sprint. The sprinter needs energy for a short burst of speed; ...


Without Blemish And Without Spot

Those who live in close communion with God are deeply conscious of personal sin. The believer enjoying fellowship with God is aware of having inherited a fallen nature. Paul realized that there was conflict raging in the arena of his ...


'Those Things Which Are Revealed'

It was Moses who said, '"The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever"' (Deut.29:29). Christians believe that God has taken the initiative in revealing Himself ...


The God-breathed Writings


God Holds The Key


The Believer's Hope

One of the reasons given for the Lord's choice of the Twelve was 'that they might be with Him' (Mark 3:14). He appreciated their human companionship and on some special occasions took Peter, James and John to accompany Him. It ...


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