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The Years Of Isaiah's Ministry

Isaiah, an inhabitant of Jerusalem, was called to the prophetic office near the end of Uzziah's reign over Judah, and continued to prophesy through the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. His initial vision of the holiness of God's Being ...


Harbour Street, Ephesus

In the middle of the first century A.D the city of Ephesus was flourishing. It had been built near the mouth of the river Cayster and had one of the busiest inland harbours of the Aegean coast. The illustration is ...


The Dead Sea Scrolls

In the spring of 1947 an Arab youth was caring for his flock of sheep and goats near the shores of the Dead Sea. One of Muhammad's goats began to wander farther afield in search of food. Muhammad called after ...


Engedi Waterfall

Most of the western shore of the Dead Sea is a desolate and daunting desert region of Israel. The area is split with canyons, some as deep as 1,200 feet. The sand coloured cliffs are pitted with caves and the ...



TREES are vital to the economies of many countries, being a valuable resource. The pomegranate is a smallish tree with deep green leaves and a scarlet flower which grows wild in some eastern countries. It is also widely cultivated. It ...


Banyas Waterfall

In northern Israel, at the foot of Mount Hermon, lies Banyas. In the Lord's time on earth there was a city there known as Caesarea Philippi. This area was added to the kingdom of Herod the Great by the Roman ...


The Sinlessness Of Christ

Those who live in close communion with God are deeply conscious of personal sin. The believer enjoying fellowship with God is aware of inheriting a fallen nature. Paul realized that there was conflict raging in the arena of his mind-the ...


"The Word Of The Cross"

Paul first visited the city of Corinth in the course of his second missionary journey, probably in the autumn of A D 50. The apostle realized that the geographical situation of the city, astride the isthmus of Corinth, gave it ...


The Occult Explosion

The supernatural has held a fascination for men from early in human history. There were magicians in ancient Egypt, astrologers in Babylon and the Assyrians consulted their dream manuals. In the West today there is a growing interest in the ...


A Generous Church

Individuals have distinguishing characteristics - so have churches of God. This is apparent from reading the letters to the seven churches in Asia in the first three chapters in the book of the Revelation, and from the Acts and Epistles. ...


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