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"I Am Coming Soon"

The Lord had appointed the Twelve "that they might be with Him" (Mark 3:14), and His appreciation of their human companionship is confirmed by His assurance to them in the Upper Room: "I have earnestly desired to eat this passover ...


God's Self-revelation

God is almighty and omniscient; His thoughts are on a higher plane than those of men, for He said to Israel through the prophet Isaiah, "As the heavens are. higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ...


"Inspired Of God"

Scripture is God's Self-revelation to men. Man cannot by searching find out God and apart from an infallible revelation he is in pitch darkness. But God delights to make Himself known; He is pleased to reveal His truth to men. ...


"Fear Not Little Flock"

God's purposes of blessing in sending His beloved Son into the world were universal in extent. The divine plan was to redeem "men of every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation" (Rev. 5:9). As God said to Abraham, "In ...


Entreaty Rejected

Towards the close of the Lord's public ministry He related the parable of the householder and the vineyard. It is a story of entreaty rejected. The vineyard represents Israel; God planted the choicest vine and looked for fruit, but little ...


The Valley Of Decision

During the early life of Moses, the faith of his parents and sister were instrumental, under the hand of God, in the preservation of his life. The time came when Moses' personal faith and conviction were apparent. "By faith Moses, ...


"He Is Risen"

That Jesus Christ lived and died is widely accepted. Many claim that they find the evidence for the resurrection of Christ less reliable historically than that for His death. From the time of the event to the present day, the ...


The Power Of Pentecost

In the ministry of John the Baptist there were references to an outpouring of the Spirit of God which would be without parallel in human experience. John baptized in water, but the Messiah, whose coming he heralded, would baptize "with ...


"The Word Became Flesh"

The doctrines of the Incarnation, Virgin Birth and Manhood of our Lord Jesus Christ are fundamental tenets of the Faith. Heresies regarding them were a major cause of the apostasy which corrupted the churches of God planted as a result ...


"The Head Of The Body, The Church"

It was at Caesarea Philippi that the Lord chose to make an important declaration heralding the opening of a new and unique dispensation in the purposes of God. The Master addressed a vital question to the Twelve, "Who do men ...


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