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The Message Of Amos

The unity of Israel under the monarchy was short-lived. God's promises of blessing for His people were dependent upon their keeping the terms of the covenant made at Sinai. Israel were constituted a holy nation and their national life was ...


Meditation - Meaningful Or Mysterious?

In the West today there is increasing interest in Eastern mysticism. Young and old are enrolling at night school classes in Yoga and Transcendental Meditation. Many of these students may not be aware that Yoga is a system of Hindu ...


Run Well

When athletes are about to take part in a sprint they crouch on the starting line waiting for the starter's signal. They must be careful not to "jump the gun". When the pistol fires, they are off down the track ...


"The Words Of The Lord Are Pure Words"

The ores from which metals are extracted are found in the earth's crust. The base metals are often found in large quantities but the precious metals are rare. When liquified in intense heat, waste matter, known as dross, comes to ...


Time For A Change

In the northern hemisphere, autumn is almost here. The leaves on the trees will soon be turning from green to shades of brown; they will fall, leaving the branches gaunt and bare. Some birds will migrate to warmer lands; some ...


Pass It On

The relay race is a team event. It requires a commitment, not only to individual effort, but also to the overall strategy of the team. The passing of the baton from one runner to another should be smoothly and efficiently ...


Battle Briefing

Personal combat is a close form of conflict in which opponents meet face to face. There is no no-man's land between the contestants. The sport of fencing is a form of personal combat which is mainly for effect and to ...


The Role Of The Prophet

The initiative in the making of a prophet rests with God. The prophet was a divinely called man. The clearest definition of the role of the prophet is given in Exodus 4. God required Moses to make His word and ...


The Potter's House

God told Jeremiah to go and watch the potter at work. So he went down to the potter's house and saw him as he bent intently over his wheel with a lump of red clay in his hand. The vessel ...


Their Worship

Former articles in this series have shown that in carrying out the commands of their risen Lord, the apostles gave a prominent place to the planting and maintenance of churches of God. To equip them for this important task they ...


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