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The Bestowal And The Betrayal

The life of the Lord Jesus was rapidly drawing to a close. Israel's leaders were planning His death. They 'plotted to take Jesus by trickery and kill Him' (Mat.26:4). At Bethany, in the home of Simon the leper, a woman ...


Early Life And Flight

His birth was kept a secret, but his death was proclaimed publicly by God. He was born in captivity, but lived to be the world's greatest emancipator. He made no claim to oratory, but his words have left an indelible ...


A Strange Place For Prayer

A cave, a prison, a riverside, are among the strange places mentioned in Scripture where prayer meetings were held. David was the man n the cave, and he invites us in to witness his utter loneliness and anguish, and to ...


This Is How It Happens

An unusual altar appeared in the midst of Israel one day, and it was not long before it was given pre-eminence over the altar of God. Where did it originate? Who was the maker? Ahaz, the ruler of Judah, and ...


David's Love For God's House

The deep devotion and affection for the house of God shown by David are unsurpassed by any other man of God in the Scriptures. The theme of the house of the Lord was not only on his lips constantly, but ...


Why Me?

This is a question Christians should ask themselves frequently in order to preserve in their lives the freshness of the blessing of salvation. A famous preacher was once asked, "Is it not a mystery to you that the Lord chose ...


World Shortages

This is a topic of great concern today, and leaders of nations predict that things might get worse before they get better. Much needed chemicals, meat, fish, dairy products, some metals, and synthetics used for clothing and disposable utensils, are ...


What Am I?

There is nothing new in the statement that we live in a sad, lonely world. But things do happen sometimes which jolt us into the realization that on our very doorsteps drastic, heart-rending incidents can happen. A story of grief ...


Crisis Line

That is what some people call it, and it does have its advantages. Men and women, young and old, are feeling very keenly the pressures of today's life. They find themselves hemmed in by all sorts of troubles, and difficulties, ...


Not Fantastic, Please!

Words can be used, ill-used, and abused. The use of words can also be misleading; that is why people speak of near-truth and truth, lies and white lies. In this advanced age of advertising, new words and phrases are coined ...


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