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Trees Are Important

It is an awesome experience to walk into a forest and touch trees so large and so high that the wood from only one of them is sufficient to build two four bedroomed houses. There is concern, however, that the ...


What Is This Word?

We preach it, teach it, discuss it and sometimes dissect it; but what is our conviction concerning the Word of Christ which we preach? It was that same Word of His which caused consternation in the synagogue when the Lord ...


The Night The Lord Sang

It was a memorable night. The Lord had washed the disciples' feet, kept the Passover with them, and given Judas the sop before the traitor left the Upper Room. Then He took a loaf and cup and initiated the unique ...


Money Of Your Life

Money is the root of all evil! Is it? No! This happens to be a misquotation of Scripture. When Paul wrote to his young protege and fellow-elder Timothy, he outlines some of the pros and cons facing Christians then and ...


A Brave Man

Depressed, discouraged, fearful: these appeared to be Gideon's symptoms when the angel of the Lord addressed him as "thou mighty man of valour". Did he deserve such a divine commendation? Yes, because he seemed to be the only one doing ...


A Good Man

This tribute is rare and occurs in Scripture four times only. Luke by the Spirit's guidance chooses two men for the honour. Both were named Joseph, but one was re-named Barnabas by the apostles. Previously he had been known as ...


Nothing At All

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind: Thou art not So unkind as man's ingratitude". Shakespeare's words adequately describe the unthankfulness of Israel to God's miraculous gift of the manna. For something like 12,500 days God sent daily manna by the ton ...



Would life be impossible or only inconvenient without one? Israeli women living in the desert faced this dilemma, but did not hesitate to offer their highly polished copper mirrors for the making of the Tabernacle's water laver (Ex. 38:8). God ...


Seeing His Hand

He was a refugee murderer when he stepped over the Egyptian border on his way to Midian. The hand that slew a man later enclosed itself around a shepherd's rod. This was a curious thing to do since the Egyptians ...


A Secret

A life of ceaseless activity had not eased very much when the disciples asked the Lord where they should prepare for the passover. He was daily teaching in the Temple, and He lodged nightly in the mount of Olives (Luke ...


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