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Meditations In The Psalms Introduction

The Scriptures can be likened to a crown of pure gold adorned with 66 precious gems to represent the number of books they contain. Each jewel has colour and beauty all its own. Outstanding amongst them is the Book of ...


Burden Bearers

The idea of using nature's creatures to describe the characteristics of people is not new. We sometimes speak of those who follow like sheep, or have the craftiness of a fox, the courage of a lion, or are as silly ...


A Momentous Decision

It was made by a young woman over 3,000 years ago, and its implications affecting today are revealed in the following narrative. There are two Bethlehems in Israel. One in the north belonged to Zebulun; the other, the better known, ...


He Ran Like A Deer

How many of us would get high marks if we were asked questions about Naphtali? This son of Jacob was a remarkable man and his progeny were remarkable people. A city of refuge was called Kadesh Naphtali (Josh. 21:32), and ...


Lost And Found

Someone or something found can provide a great deal of delight and satisfaction. Examples are seen in a person, a sheep, or money, and even the mould on a petri dish in a laboratory which led to the discovery of ...


Get Closer

The inner spark has gone and you know there is something wrong. Tiredness has taken over; instead of being lively you are a lethargic Christian. Reality is missing and you find yourself functioning like a robot, doing things in a ...


They Had Done It

A sense of achievement, expressed in these words, was shared by Moses and the people of Israel. Without question they had accomplished a remarkable work of beauty and usefulness. It was the tabernacle in the wilderness. The people were united ...


An Option

It is given to us all to speak or remain silent. A young woman, confronted by this dilemma risked rebuke for possibly speaking out of place. She was a lowly servant in a prominent household, but she spoke because the ...


My Prayer

With hands uplifted, David gives the impression of watching his prayer ascend to the heavenly throne. He yearns for it to be as the visible aromatic smoke of the incense which arose to God from the holy place. "Let my ...


Fellowship With Chrsit

It is a sobering thing, perhaps not realized by all believers, that the Lord does hear all that we say. We might make statements in a casual, regular, boastful, or derogatory way, and later find Him reminding us of them. ...


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