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Words Are Fascinating

Though similar, there is a difference in the Biblical meanings of the words abiding, waiting, and looking. When Abraham was taking Isaac on the memorable journey to Mount Morish, he chose a place possibly near the base, where the servants ...


The Rainbow

The multi-coloured rainbow is one of God's spectacles, and He intended it to be so. It was a divine token between Himself and earth's residents (Gen. 9:17); something that was visible, and, in this case, to be an assurance that ...


Shepherds Are Special

They certainly are with God, for He chose some of His leaders from among those who cared for sheep. Abraham, Moses, David, are probably the most prominent. Abraham became the friend of God; Moses was His personal servant, for He ...


Help Me!

Days are filled with sorrow and care, Hearts are lonely and drear. Perhaps these words from John Moore's hymn best describe the reason for the cry of despair "Help Me", being heard from the various segments of society which ...


He Was Not Afraid

Luke's description of Paul's appearance before the Athenian Court seems to imply a measure of compulsion: "and they took hold of him, and brought him to the Areopagus" (Acts 17:19). Took hold can mean to seize or lay hold, ...


Selah! A Puzzle

It is difficult sometimes to confirm long-standing meanings given to some Bible words. One example is selah used over 70 times in the Psalms. The word is first used in Scripture as the name of a town. The Hebrew word ...


An Army Of Weepers

We have not been told when the first human tears were shed. Could it have been when sin entered into the world and Adam and Eve were removed from their earthly paradise? It is not difficult to envisage a picture ...


In The Midst Of Trouble

Moses was often in these circumstances as he guided an ungrateful, complaining Israel nation through the desert. David knew them in his traumatic experiences with an apparently psychotic king Saul. Paul suffered them at the hands of Jews and fellow ...


The Story Of The Reeds

They stand almost 15 feet high on the banks of eastern streams and rivers. They move with the breeze and gentle lapping of the waters. Here people came to gather the 3 inch diameter reeds which belong to the papyrus ...


The Sound Of Bells

"... a golden bell ... and the sound shall be heard ..." (Ex. 28:35). Sound shall be heard? What sound? Where? The sound of bells in the quiet holy place of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. It was quiet in ...


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