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Craftsmen Today

The old gentleman had a love for wood. As men handle the Koh-i-noor diamond with reverence and affection, so he handled a plank from an acacia tree. To him there was wood and wood; as there are trees and trees; ...


The Worth Of The Individual

Churches of God, which comprise the spiritual house of God today, owe much of their value to the combined worth of the individuals in them. The Hebrews epistle is obviously written to a collective people because of the use of ...


In The Midst

In the Temple (Luke 2:46) Our theme opens with a remarkable Boy, 12 years of age, sitting in the midst of the temple's learned doctors of the law (Luke 2:40-52). What a privilege it was for these teachers to get ...


A Meditation On Stephen(acts 7:60; Rev. 2:10)

"And he kneeled down..." His head and body were bloodied from the incessant shower of stones of all sizes, thrown with relentless fury by his detractors. There was no hope of escape from the massacre, and he would be pinned ...


Doors, Doors, And More Doors (1)

There are tent doors, parlour doors, temple doors, porch doors, gold covered doors, barred doors, open doors, heavenly doors, street doors, prison doors, and parts of doors, among the many that are mentioned in God's word. We have chosen a ...


Doors, Doors And More Doors (2)

Door of hope (Hosea 2:15) We marvel at God's patience with delinquent Israel. Imitating the sinful customs and habits of nations around led to spiritual disaster. In a pleading of grace the Lord offers a door of hope and a ...


An Unusual List

That is the conclusion reached after reading the list of physical disabilities preventing some in the priestly family of Israel from functioning at the altar and in the holy place (Lev. 21:1624). It includes blindness, lameness, having a flat nose, ...


Two Extremes

Smells vary, and their extremes sometimes teach valuable lessons. This might be so with the smell of the field (Gen. 27:27) and the smell of Lebanon (Hos. 14:6). Isaac was a dying man, and his poor sight hindered him from ...


Who Comes First?

A preacher, unable to attend a conference for ministry of the word, was asked to send a message. His telegram was comprised of one word: Others! This could have been a lesson, and it must have been a hard one, ...


What The Farmer Said

Unexpected happenings in nature rarely surprise farmers. They seem able to cope with the ravages of drought, hailstorms, blizzards, cattle sickness, possibly because they have been through these ordeals before. But it is a little different when the visitation takes ...


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