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Quiet Witnesses

We have them in the heavens where the sun, moon and stars beam out their warmth, light, and strength, day and night. No audible means are used by these mighty orbs to attract attention to themselves. They are God's quiet ...


The Eagle

It was an awesome sight, yet one tinged with mystery, as hundreds of bald-headed eagles took up temporary residence near a spawning ground area of Canada's mighty Fraser river. They had travelled hundreds of kilometres to feast royally on the ...


It Makes All The Difference

A Roman officer, a dying servant, Jewish elders, and the Lord Jesus, all participated in a dramatic event at Capernaum. The officer expressed to the Jews his deep anxiety for a valued employee; the elders responded by pleading with Jesus ...


Is This The Writing On The Wall?

It is admitted by men generally that the violence, immorality, corruption, fear, hatred, greed, insecurity, and economic uncertainty prevailing in the world today are possibly unmatched in human history. Taking a spiritual view, the Christian associated these tragic, universal symptoms ...


They Only Needed To Nod

The nod came from Peter and his fellow fisherman to those in the nearby boat, as they endeavoured to haul in the miraculous draught of fishes the Lord had produced for them. Their own efforts of the night had been ...


Wreaths Are Not Only For Funerals

A silver cup! a shield! a watch! These are the kinds of awards made in our day for meritorious service in public life and business, or for amateur athletic achievement. But it was not always so. In ancient Rome such ...


"The Night Also Is Thine"

Asaph knew the value of these words by experience (Psalm 74:16). So did Job, Solomon and the apostles. And so can we. The Levite knew it in a spectacular way. Before retiring to sleep he could look out from his ...


The Close Of Day

It was to be the Christian doctor's last day on earth. He had lived a full and fruitful life, and God had brought him within months of his four-score years. The passing moments were drawing him closer to that great ...


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