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Joseph The Increaser

Outreach is not an option for the disciple of the Lord Jesus. It is an on-going requirement of the ascended, glorified Master, who said to His apostles on the mountain in Galilee, 'All authority hath been given unto Me ... ...


God And Lord, The Almighty

The titles of the Triune God are of special interest to most Bible readers, not least the name, The Almighty. It distinguishes the living God from all other gods which man may worship or reverence. In the Old Testament, the ...


World Wide Subjection

Joseph beautifully typifies the Lord Jesus. Genesis devotes no less than thirteen chapters to his life, which underlines the importance God attaches to Old Testament foreshadowings concerning His Son. The obedience and perfection of Joseph's life, his path of suffering ...


Jehovah's Servant (2)

There can be little doubt that the first eight verses of Isaiah 49 refer to the Lord Jesus as the Lord's Servant. Before He was born He was named Jesus; when He was born He was so called. His mouth ...


Our Enemy - The Flesh

Any good soldier will be fully aware of his limitations and have a clear picture in his mind of his enemies. The world, the system of human affairs, can be described as the Christian's enemy without, swirling around our battlements ...



It is a fact of life that people make mistakes and hopefully they learn from them. Frequently we hear the words, "We must ensure that it never happens again". Yet how often, in spite of enquiry, investigation and reporting, the ...


The Strength Of His Might

Most people as they grow older have to acknowledge that human strength reaches a peak, then declines, and human faculties fail. We recognize the truth of the words, "as thy days, so shall thy strength be" (Deut. 33:25). God's unerring ...



In the New Testament, the Greek word homoiopathes is used as an adjective to describe men of like passions (nature) and occurs twice for our instruction and edification. Barnabas and Paul These two men formed a very close and abiding ...


Eternal Life (Part 1)

Three young disciples of the Lord once wrote a contribution on the subject of eternal life which included the following extract: If there is something wonderfully unfathomable in the eternity of the life which is ours as a gift from ...


Eternal Life (Part 2)

(2) The Life to be Lived Its Value By studying the passages in Leviticus (20:24-26; 25:1-15; 25:23-31) it becomes evident that the land given to each Israelite was of value. It was only when the land was sold, however, that ...


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