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Often have I been struck, in reading the life of Saul, the son of Kish, with his apparent ignorance of Samuel, the man of God, in his fruitless quest for the asses of his father. It was his servant who ...



"Love never faileth" (1 Corinthians 13.8). Love is one of the things that abide. But whilst love will never "fall away" (as Young in his Concordance shows the meaning of the word used here to be;" to fall off or ...



It is evident that a worldly system of preferring one man above another was creeping into the Church of God in Corinth. The disciples were beginning to walk after the manner of men. From earliest times men have arisen with ...



The great paradoxes of the Christian faith are, that we live by dying, are strong when we are weak, are wise as we become fools, and rise in the measure that we descend; yea, also, with the Christian, "to die ...



The world is full of enmity. When will the enmities of men be destroyed which have been brought into being in the present war? The enmity of the orphan child will grow with its years as it thinks of the ...



God's remnant people must be on their guard against voices from "without if they are to maintain the position which through divine grace they occupy. The challenge in Eden came from "the without." The serpent was a beast of the ...



Last month we referred to the matters of "within" and "without" which are illustrated by the garden that God planted in Eden, and the field, which is the world, that lay without. A garden means a place enclosed by ...



It may be that it is by design and not a coincidence that the word love is first found in the Scriptures in Genesis 22. in association with the fatherhood and sonship of Abraham and Isaac. It is found in ...



"He passed by on the other side"; with such words the Lord portrayed the action of the priest in that delightful picture in words of the Good Samaritan. The story is a dissertation on life; and life in Divine reckoning ...



The first miracle of Elisha may be taken as indicating the character of the ministry of this great prophet of the Lord to the ten tribes, just as the first miracle of the Lord shows that He had come as ...


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