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The words of Luke in Acts 27. 13-" supposing that they had obtained their purpose," have been running almost continuously through my mind yesterday and to-day. These words occur in the story of Paul's shipwreck. The purpose referred to was ...


Walk About Zion

It is necessary from time to time for men to examine their houses, for repairs and renewals are ever needed in all earthly things. It is also the habit of the officials of certain townships to go round the boundaries ...



In recent times we have seen many changes in government and governments. Democratic and autocratic forms of rule have been put to the test, and in certain cases both have been set aside, sometimes by a process of bloodless revolution ...



Now let us come a little closer to our subject as to how the elders or overseers become such amongst God's people. This has a divine and a human side, as most things have which affect men. The Christ is ...



In Hebrews 1. 8, the inspired writer definitely states that "Thy throne, 0 God, is for ever and ever," refers to the Son. The words are cited from Psalm 45. 6, where in the original, time word God, is Elohim-- ...



While making my way on a Lord's day morning recently to the meeting of the assembly, at the corner of a street I noticed that one of the street lamps had not been extinguished. The sun was shining brilliantly, putting ...



What a beautiful creature man would be but for sin! so loving and loveable, pure in thought and innocent in nature, kind and compassionate, meek and humble; but with the entrance of sin every iniquitous pestilence beset the soul of ...



It is the fashion of the world to-day to "set at nought dominion, and rail at dignities" insubjection and lawlessness have swept over the nations like the floodtide, and changes have taken place which are not for the better but ...


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