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The Kingdom Of God (Contd.)

At the beginning of His public ministry the Lord called to Him certain men. These men, drawn by a divine attraction, "left all, and followed Him". Their hearts were won by the lovely Man whom the many despised and rejected, ...


This I Pray

The people of God had a large place in the great heart of the apostle Paul. In that heart, enlarged and moved by the love of God, there was a deep and genuine concern for the welfare of all God's ...


Lovest Thou Me?

Waiting times can often be testing times, and many great men have broken down in the test of frustration and inactivity which such times can bring. Intentionally of unintentionally they have repudiated solemn commitments and have deranged true priorities. In ...



The opening chapters of 1 Samuel indicate that at the time to which they refer in Israel's history the spiritual condition of the people of God was bad, and this was emphasized particularly by the circumstances in the house of ...


The Flesh

The word translated "flesh" in Gal. 5:19 occurs more than one hundred and fifty times in the New Testament. It does not always have an evil connotation. Dr Moule has given what may be a helpful comment on the significance ...


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