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"He Gave Himself"

"He gave Himself" to the foul traitor's kiss, What wondrous self-humiliation this I "He gave Himself" into the cruel hands Of Pilate's soldiers and high priest's brutal 'bands. He gave His back to smiter's savage blows Till from the furrows ...


Psalm Twenty-two - (A Meditation)

In prophetic reference to the Lord Jesus this psalm begins with the crisis moment, towards the end of the three hours of darkness, when He uttered the cry, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" When the Lord ...


He Loved Me

The Son of God loved me; amazing love, That brought Him from His Father's home above. The Son who in His Father's bosom dwelt: Who there the throbbings of eternal love had felt. He left that place of love so ...


A Child Is Born (Isaiah 6 : 7)

"A Child is born", a Child of destiny, A Child foreknown from past eternity. Of Him God spake in Eden's garden fair, When speaking to the trembling, sinning pair. Revealed to them the sad entail of sin, Of curse without, ...


"He Shall Be Great" (Luke 1.32)

Who can measure the true significance of the words spoken by the heavenly messenger to Mary, "He shall be great"? As we muse on them our hearts respond in the words of the psalmist, "His greatness is unsearchable" (Psalm 145.3). ...


"Where Is The Promise Of His Coming?"

(2 Peter 3.4) The promise of the Lord's return has always been met with ridicule by those who neither believe in nor desire it. The world ignores His coming again. Ml its affairs are programmed as though such an event ...


"Meet For The Master's Use"

(2 Timothy 2.21) In this brief article we wish to comment on the above words written by the apostle Paul to Timothy. Their setting is important, but we will use them as a general exhortation. We think, firstly, of the ...



The sun is sinking in the western sea; The snows on Hermon's height all seem to be Tinted with lovely opalescent hues, Whilst palest pink doth yet the whole suffuse. The shades of evening fall; the waning light Recedes before ...



The word Hallelujah has come into the English language through its use in the Scriptures. It is an untranslated Hebrew word meaning "Praise ye Jah" or "Praise ye the Lord". It had an important place in the service of song ...


"He That Spared Not His Own Son" (Romans 8.82)

He spared Him not ... Oh wondrous mystery That we might be redeemed, and cleansed, and free! 'Twas planned before the first created light Flashed forth to illume creation's primal night. Before eternal times God's purpose stood, That through Christ ...


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