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Another Coming Out

My attention has been drawn to an article bearing the above title in a magazine "Assembly Testimony", No.65, 1963. Amongst other things, the writer openly attacks what he chooses to call Needed Truthism and the Needed Truth movement. Were it ...


The Supremacy Of The Holy Scriptures

"Sola Scriptura." "The Scriptures alone." This was the claim of the Reformers. Before the time of Luther, the Bible, though not expressly forbidden, was practically a sealed book. The Church of Rome has placed tradition, decrees of Council, and ex ...


Christ The Head Of The Church

The Church of Rome asserts- (1)that Christ declared that Peter was to become the one foundation of the edifice of His Church; (2)that Peter became the first Bishop of Rome; (3)that the Bishops of Rome, down the centuries, have inherited ...


The Lord's Supper

As early as 1524 Zwingle of Switzerland published his work on "True and False Religion", in which he teaches "that Christ by His death. made sufficient atonement for the sins of all, that there is no need for any other ...


Modern Trends Towards Christian Unity

Some sixty years ago a remarkable document appearing for Christian unity was issued with the approval of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the heads of all the Free Churches. Although it bore no signature of a representative of ...


Divine Unity

Many and varied are the voices heard today pressing the need for unity amongst the churches. As I write these notes I am aware of the fact that this is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This movement had ...


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