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Girding On The Armour

Ahab, one of the kings of Israel, is notorious in sacred history for his wickedness. He "did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD above all that were before him". And yet it was to such a ...


Christian Standards - Introduction

It is very clear in the book of Genesis that when the God of heaven, the Lord of glory, brought Abraham to Ur of the Chaldees He unfolded to him the pattern of behaviour to which He would have Abraham ...


My Shepherd

The words of Psalm 23 have been read and quoted and sung in most countries on the earth, and they have brought joy, comfort and encouragement to many hearts. When the Lord called David He "took him from the sheepfolds: ...


David And The House Of God

David enjoyed many qualities which gave him a place of great distinction in the sacred history of men and women. God could say of him, "I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who shall ...


The Deity Of Christ

A truth of very great importance in the Faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints is the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Christ is not God the Son, One of full Deity, then the basis ...


The Baptism Of Disciples

The word "baptize" in its various forms is found over one hundred times in the New Testament. The word does not always refer to the baptism of disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the subject matter to be ...


At Ephesus

In the closing days of his life Paul's reflections must often have taken him to Ephesus, a great centre of human activity which became a great centre of divine activity. Paul must have had many vivid memories of his labours ...



Amongst the many things which rise in opposition to God's purpose in the lives of men and women one of the most pernicious is pride. It is a mental inflation which produces an unbalanced and exaggerated feeling of self-esteem, of ...


Simon Peter

On the northern tip of the Sea of Galilee lay the city of Bethsaida. From this port many boats put out to work the fishing grounds of the lake. We know that some of these boats carried sturdy men who ...


Learning God's Will

God is absolute in His Being and infinite in all His attributes. He is not accountable to anyone for His actions. The great king Nebuchadnezzar learned that "He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among ...


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