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"Thy Love Is Better Than Wine" (Song Of Songs 1.2)

In many instances in the Scriptures wine is set forth as a symbol of joy. It makes man's heart glad, but over-indulgence causes looseness, both morally and spiritually (Isaiah 5.11, 22; 28.7; Ephesians 5.18). Many are the tragic warnings found ...


The Church Of God In Ephesus And Its Lesson

The Saints of God in Ephesus were greatly blessed under the ministry of the apostle Paul. They were blessed "with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ " (Ephesians 1.3). The glorious truth of foreordination "unto adoption as ...


The Church Of God In Laodicea And Its Lesson

As the Son of Man walked in the midst of the churches, His eyes which were as a flame of fire, and before which all things are naked and laid open, were quick to perceive the lack of love in ...


"Fret Not Thyself"

Psalm 37.1. It is sad to reflect upon the number of spiritual lives that have either been greatly impeded in the Lord's service, or alas! have ceased entirely to bear fruit to God's glory because of the evil trait of ...


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