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Priests And The Priesthood

The Hebrew word "cohen," though usually translated priest, also signifies "prince" or "chief." The following instances reveal this. In 2 Samuel 8.18 the sons of David are called priests (R.V.M., Chief Ministers), but in 1 Chronicles 18.17 it says, " ...


Priests And The Priesthood

Christ is "a Minister of the sanctuary (or holy things, or Holies), and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man" (Hebrews 8.2). Let us therefore consider THE HIGH PRIEST OF OUR CONFESSION ... JESUS "We have such ...



In setting forth thoughts on the theme which heads this paper, we do so in the knowledge that in this lawless day in which we live it is not popular. To submit is against human nature which stands on its ...


The Preacher

In this article we wish to pass on some observations regarding the needed characteristics of the potential preacher of the word. There is a universal need of men to preach the gospel. The world is fast hasting to the climax ...



We are living in an age of increasing lawlessness, and there is the grave danger that such lawlessness may creep in among the people of God. Democracy finds no place in God's dealings with His people. Christ is Lord, unto ...


The Preacher

The work lies to your hand every day; in street, office, and workshop we rub shoulders with those for whom Christ died. Of the early disciples it is written "And every day ... they ceased not to teach and to ...


The Preacher

It is quite evident that the smoking, picture-going, football-fan type of preacher, while he may receive popular applause, lowers the standard of holy living and does not commend the message of the Bible. Writing to the Thessalonians, (and incidentally to ...



It is within this sphere of divine rule that the Holy Spirit teaches us regarding our relationship as between saint and saint in the House of God. It may be that we have given. little thought to this matter, but ...


Subjection Within The Kingdom

Subjection finds a prominent place in the teaching of Scripture, and applies to many things in Christian life and conduct. Subjection may be voluntary, or it may be obligatory. During the millennial reign of Christ it will be obligatory : ...


Eternal Security

I am the happy possessor of eternal life even now, though I know that many will challenge my claim. The astute and worldly-wise spend their time and talents in making their lot secure in this world, and it is ...


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