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The Excellencies Of The Lord Jesus Christ

The words of thehymn-writer come aptly to mind, Content to fill a little space, If Christ be GLORIFIED." Doctrine is delightful to the student of God's Word, but we also require a moving word-picture of HIM who adorns the doctrine ...


Jan 1955 - Editorial

One would expect that those who set out to teach children, or to instruct those who are to teach children, things about the Scriptures would be men with some regard for the claims made by the Bible to be the ...



The subject of admonition is often much misunderstood, and the elements of grace and love which are its true concomitants are too often overlooked. The Scriptural usage of the word in 1 Corinthians 10.11 helps us to understand its meaning: ...


Evangelistic Crusades

There is no doubt at all that the Lord, who yielded up His life on the Cross for the sins of men, still longs for men to be saved. That tender heart of His which caused Him to weep over ...


The Gates Of Death And Of Heaven

There are times in life when men give very solemn consideration to the nearness of death and of heaven, times when the cord of life is very thin and the things of this world take on an unreality which was ...


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