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In The Disciple

The Day of Pentecost The Lord Jesus promised His disciples during the forty days of His appearance to them: "Ye shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days hence" (Acts 1:5), although it is doubtful if they understood ...


On That Day

Most emphatically does John stress the day on which those memorable experiences happened which so radically changed the lives of his fellow apostles and himself. It was on that day, the day made for ever glorious by the resurrection of ...



In my boyhood home there hung on one of the bedroom walls an artist's drawing of three women standing on an Eastern road. One was obviously older than the other two, and the artist had succeeded in drawing into their ...


"Faithful In All God's House"

By comparison and contrast the writer to the Hebrews presents the surpassing excellence of the Person of Christ. "Better than" is one of the key phrases that run through the epistle, and in chapter 3 Christ is shown to be ...


Jordan Crossed And The Battle For Jericho

Many have found comfort in likening Israel's entrance into Canaan to the believer reaching heaven, and if our pilgrim journey is compared with their forty years in the wilderness the analogy holds good. However, we must remember that their desert ...


"In The Hand Of The Potter"

The potter, the wheels and the clay were what Jeremiah saw when, at the divine bidding, he went down to the potter's house that day. The material, an ordinary lump of common clay, lay on the wheel. Of itself, it ...


Let Us Runthe Race

The race the Christian runs is in some ways like a continuous relay. We might think of it as starting with Abel. who, in contrast to his brother, got on the right track, and ran well by faith. Others were ...


A Treasure Of Mine Own

"A treasure of mine own" was how David described the three thousand talents of gold and seven thousand talents of silver, which he gave to the house of God. (See 1 Chronicles 29.) For many years he had laboured to ...


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