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Keep Yourself Pure

A group of boys sat huddled around a hurricane lamp in a tent. It was the late-night talk at a Bible Camp and the camp leader was not pulling his punches. He had the knack of taking a verse or ...


Sep 1995 - Editorial

A group of young people at a Bible study weekend was considering the teaching of 1st Corinthians chapter 6. "What's the meaning of verse 13" someone asked, "the body is for the Lord and the Lord for the body? I ...


Caleb: Three Demonstrations Of Faith

Faith to Conquer: The first time we read of Caleb is in Numbers 13 when he was chosen as one of the princes to spy out the land. He represented his tribe, Judah. He was a prince by nature as ...


May 1994 - Editorial

The bedrock truth of the deity of the Lord Jesus is the subject of our serial article on Simon Peter this month. To Peter it came as a wonderful revelation from the Father that the Master he was following was ...


The Eternal God Revealed

No sooner had Adam sinned in the garden of Eden than God announced the divine remedy in the first Messianic prophecy. "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: it shall bruise ...


His Background

Elijah was a unique man, intro~ duced to us in 1 Kings chapter 17 without any record of his parents or his tribe. We are simply told he was a Tishbite from the mountainous country of Gilead which is on ...


At Cherith's Brook (1 Kings 17)

"Now I know that thou art a man of God, and that the word of the LORD in thy mouth is truth" (v.24). So said the widow woman to Elijah when he brought her dead son to life. He had ...


In The Widow's Home (1 Kings 17)

In loneliness by Cherith's brook Elijah communed with God and doubtless he learned many a lesson which prepared him for the experiences which lay ahead. He was dwelling in the secret place of the Most High and learning the sweetness ...


Raising The Dead (1 Kings 17)

It was in a widow's home God provided for His prophet when the rain was withheld for three and a half years, but while he was staying there the widow's son fell sick and died. Elijah could not understand why ...


At Carmel (1 Kings 18)

"How long halt ye between two opinions?" was the question with which Elijah challenged the people of Israel when he gathered them on mount Carmel. They were all there, the king and his people, 450 prophets of Baal and 400 ...


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