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The Potter's House

It is fascinating to watch a craftsman at work, to see something of beauty and usefulness taking shape under his hands as he skilfully uses his tools. It was to such an experience that God called Jeremiah when He said: ...


The New Covenant

Very often God reserves His brightest promises for the darkest days. It was so in the case of the promise God spoke through Jeremiah when the Babylonian army was mustering outside the city of Jerusalem, ready to destroy it and ...


Talents And Pounds (Mat. 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-27)

The parables of the talents and the pounds both refer primarily to the Lord's return to the earth as Son of Man when He will subdue His enemies and set up His world-wide kingdom. In this context the references ...


The Field In Anathoth

"How can I he sure of God's will in the big decisions of life?" That is a question that is often asked. Every one of us who loves the Lord Jesus wants to be sure that we are doing what ...


The Rechabites

We read about the Rechabites in Jeremiah chapter 35. Their history goes far back into the Old Testament, for Rechab their progenitor belonged to the Kenites who threw in their lot with Israel, being related to Moses through marriage (Judg. ...


God's Suffering Servant

What would you do with old rags and worn out clothes? Most people would throw them away as useless, but Ebed-melech the Ethiopian found a use for them. The story of how he made use of such material is found ...


Burning The Roll

Have you ever read the story of how we got our English Bible? It is an enthralling story of men who gave all that they had, and even life itself - to bring the Word of God to us in ...


Secure In Christ

The Bible teaches that every born-again person is secure in Christ; that our eternal salvation received through faith in Him cannot be lost. It is a main-line truth of God's Word, but one which is very often misunderstood and challenged. ...


Garments Of Glory And Beauty

Aaron was a representative man. In his office as high priest he represented his people before God. Their service and worship in the Tabernacle was entirely dependent upon his intercessory work on their behalf. To fit him for this work ...


In The Beginning

"In the beginning God". In this majestic way the canon of Scripture opens. They are just simple words in our English language, but placed together by inspiration of the Holy Spirit they convey profound truth to our hearts. "In the ...


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