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The Creator

In the evening of the day when the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead, two of His followers were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Very sad and disconsolate they were, for their Master had been crucified and buried in ...


The Church The Body

The Scriptures are full of Christ, and when we love our Lord Jesus it is exciting to find Him on every page of our Bibles. "Ye search the Scriptures" He said to the Jews who did not believe on Him, ...


Man Of Sorrows

There is an account in the third chapter of Genesis which does not refer primarily to the Lord Jesus, but we can hardly read it without thinking of Him. I refer to the curse which Adam brought upon himself because ...


The Sin Offering

The Lord Jesus told the Jews who did not believe on Him, "If ye believed Moses, ye would believe Me; for He wrote of Me". And in saying that He set His seal to the first five books of our ...


The Woman's Seed

When I was in Burma some years ago there was a fine Burmese man in the church who was a retired Inspector of Schools. He had a great love for his Bible. He began studying it when he was a ...


The Image Of God

I was talking recently with a gentleman who believed that death ended all. "We die like the animals" he said, "and when we are gone that is the end of us". I drew his attention to the verses in Genesis ...


The Last Adam

When the Lord Jesus joined the two who were walking to Emmaus, it says "beginning from Moses and from all the prophets, He interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself". We have been enjoying together some ...


The House Of God

"It cannot be denied" wrote early editors of Needed Truth, "that one of the most important and most needed lines of truth given by revelation of God ... remains almost without exponent in the press, certainly without serial exposition". "If ...


The Amen

I was visiting Niagara recently with a friend, and was impressed all over again by the sound of many waters as they hurled themselves over the Horseshoe Falls. And spanning the waters in the sky was the most beautiful rainbow, ...


God's Beloved Son

Genesis chapter 5 gives us the generations of Adam through to the days of Noah, and of each of the men mentioned, except one, it says "and he died". Those words run like a refrain through the whole chapter: "and ...


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