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The Lamb Of God

In the third chapter of Genesis some of the awful consequences of sin are presented to us. For instance, the way to the garden of Eden was closed to Adam and his wife, guarded by the cherubim with flaming sword. ...


Priscilla And Aquila

The apostle Peter uses a lovely expression of a Christian husband and wife when he describes them as joint-heirs of the grace of life. Priscilla and Aquila were a wonderful example of just such a couple - joint heirs indeed ...



Titus is one of the better known characters of the New Testament perhaps, for there's an epistle bearing his name. It was written to him by the apostle Paul and he describes Titus as his true child after a common ...



A missionary friend of mine who served the Lord for many years in Nigeria used to tell of a leprous man who insisted on helping him one day when he was travelling through a dangerous part of the bush. He ...


Burning Hearts

"Their eyes were holden that they should not know Him". So it says of the two walking to Emmaus when the Stranger drew alongside and companied with them. And when they did eventually recognize Him as He blessed and brake ...



Most of us can think of persons who've influenced us for good in some way or another, perhaps by theft example or by things they've said or done. And we thank God for them. Sweet influences in our lives. I'm ...


James And John

There were two pairs of brothers who grew up together by the sea of Galilee, Peter and Andrew, and James and John. From boyhood days they'd lived by the sea in the fishing town of Capernaum. So it's not surprising ...


John Mark

There was a young man in the Church of God in Jerusalem called John Mark. Peter refers to him at the close of his first epistle as Mark, my son, from which I conclude he'd had the privilege of leading ...



One of the homes where the Lord Jesus was always welcome was the home at Bethany. That's where Martha and Mary lived, with their brother Lazarus. Martha was probably the eldest, for Luke chapter ten says she received Him into ...


Mary Of Bethany

Let's go back again to the home in Bethany and learn the lesson Mary has to teach us. It must have been an impressive object lesson to the twelve apostles to see this devoted young woman sitting at the feet ...


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