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When the Lord Jesus came to Bethany He found that Lazarus had been dead four days and weeping and mourning had full place. Martha's faith reached to this, that the Lord could heal the sick. She had to learn a ...


Tender Plants

The responsibility of carrying out the injunction to make disciples, to baptize them, to teach them to observe all things, is as imperative in the case of children as it is in the case of those of riper years. If ...



With purpose of heart to do 'the will of His Father and God, be the cost what it may, He comes away from the quiet and tranquil life that notwithstanding its lowliness and hardships, was not, methinks, without enjoyment to ...



The child of God meets on every hand that which tends to keep his eye fixed on the earth and that which belongs to the earth. Thus he is in the greatest danger of being characteristically a dweller upon earth, ...



What is sanctification? First let us look at a certain usage of the word "sanctify" in Matthew 23. 17-19. Gold is put into the Temple and the Temple sanctifies it. A gift is put on the altar and the altar ...


Body And Members

The word "body" being used in Scripture firstly of the literal body, and thereafter applied to that of which it is the figure, it is proposed in this paper briefly to see within what range it is so used by ...


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