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Called By Christ

I was never much good at games. Every week in the winter months I would stand in line at school as captains picked their football teams, not really listening for my name since I knew it would be among the ...


Called To Jesus

Whom do you resemble - mother, father, famous person, the dog? Are your features, your expressions, your mannerisms, your walk, your sense of humour so much like that person (okay, not the dog!) that others immediately notice the similarities? Thats ...


Called To Community

He wasn't there - again! Despite otherwise full pews, the empty space just seemed to glare at him. Perhaps it was because the man who usually sat there had done so faithfully every week for as many years as the ...


Called To Serve


Called To Simple Dependence On God

A good example She is famous among almost every group of Christians. She was disadvantaged, yet she did more than many of her generation. No, we are not talking about Mother Teresa. The woman in question is the widow the ...


Called To Suffer

Nobody is immune from it. Job, who knew more than most about suffering, observed that 'Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward.'(1) We know it, painfully, when it comes, and we fear it in prospect. Well, we're ...


Called As We Are

God doesn't think and do as we think and do, and clearly He does not think and do as we think He ought: 'For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,' says the LORD. 'For ...


Called To Obey

'No man ever spoke like this Man!' That was the assessment of the officers of the guard sent to arrest the Lord Jesus on the great day of the feast of tabernacles.(1) Their exposure to His teaching may have been ...


Called As Saints

Once, when preoccupied with legitimate distractions in Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport, I didn't hear the boarding call for my flight home to Manchester. Right at the last moment I noticed the time, raced to the gate to be greeted ...


Called To Share A Heavenly Calling

Jim Hayhurst, in his book 'The Right Mountain'(1) describes what it's like to be on an expedition to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. Reaching the summit is paramount and all efforts are devoted to achieving that. Along ...


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