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Nelson Mandela, ex-president of South Africa, was incarcerated at Robben Island penal colony for his anti-apartheid activities. For 18 years, he worked breaking rocks in a limestone quarry beneath the glaring sun. By the time of his release in 1990, ...


A Mighty Misapprehension

How often do you hear a young child described as mum or dad's 'little angel'? It's a curious thing, that acts of 'cuteness' or 'good' behaviour are approved in such a way. Maybe it's the traditional Christmas nativity play characters ...


A String Of Blessings

Sadie was in her seventies and my job as a nurse was sometimes to get her up in the morning. Sadie needed help with washing, dressing, using the bathroom and even putting her dentures in. She had her little ritual. ...



In a few weeks in the autumn of 2008 the economies of the developed nations of the world have come crashing down. No-one seems to be exempt; the rot started in the USA, with the so-called 'sub-prime' debacle, where money ...


Pebbles From The Brook

The young widow cradled her little boy, wondering how she would get through this first Christmas without her husband. Recently bereaved and expecting her second child, how would she cope? Her strong trust in God and her loving family ...


Does God Want You To Be Rich?

More and more Christians think so. 'Prosperity Theology' teaches that God wants His followers to be healthy, successful and (particularly) wealthy. Extreme forms use an investment analogy and promise that for every pound or dollar we give, God will give ...


Signs Of The Times

My grandfather knew a man who went and stood on a barrel at the end of his garden in 1914, because he believed that Christ was going to come for him then, and he wanted to be ready to be ...


Safe Home

It was the annual school cross country race at the school I attended in Yorkshire. Different teams were competing; the gruelling course involved running alongside a river for a few miles, across a bridge, back along the opposite river bank, ...



Terrorism - what is it? This is not so easy to answer as it seems, because some people want to frame the definition so that it excludes activities that they think legitimate, such as fights against colonialism and racism. ...


Just Imagine

The man worked with almost casual efficiency. He might as well have been hanging a picture on his living room wall. But the nail he was hammering wasn't going into a wall. It was going into the hands of Jesus ...


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