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"It Is Finished"

The utterances of the Crucified Saviour were eight. It is not without significance that four of them are recorded in the space of five verses in the nineteenth chapter of John's Evangel (John 19. 26-30). Many students of Biblical history ...



(First and Second Kings) THE GIANT PINE. There was once a pine tree growing in British Columbia, on the coast of the great Pacific, called the Gigantic Pine, or Lambert 's Pine; it came of a gigantic race, and the ...


"These Things Have I Spoken"

In reading through John 16. one is impressed by the Lord Jesus saying four times, "These things have I spoken," and also His reason for thus speaking: namely, that the disciples should not be made to stumble (verse 1); that ...


Will This Appeal To You?

One often wonders how much heart exercise there is on the part of young believers, regarding the all-important matter of prayer. Prayer is vitally necessary both for young and old-the believer cannot do without it if he is to walk ...


Members One Of Another

Such is the mutual relationship of believers. As members of the Body of Christ, and thus one of another, it may be clearly seen that mutual responsibility is involved. There is, of course, mutual responsibility in other connections also, and ...


"Sanctify Them In The Truth"

Apart from the few introductory words, John 17. is a chapter of prayer, and from what precede and follow the words, "Sanctify them in the truth," it is evident that the Lord Jesus was intensely concerned about His Apostles when ...


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