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The Life Of Joseph - Introduction

Why is more of the book of Genesis devoted to recording the life of Joseph, than that of any other individual? For instance, the Genesis record of Adam is covered in two brief chapters in our Bibles; Noah is given ...


Home Life

The background to Joseph's home life was often turbulent, yet underpinning it was the strength of the love between Jacob and Rachel, his parents. This must have greatly helped to mould the upright character of the young Joseph until the ...


Subjection To His Father

'Digging deep' is often necessary if we are to discover buried treasure. Skim-'fling over the surface may be disappointing and unfruitful; the passage of time and the ravages of the weather may have hidden the wealth firmly from detection. This ...


Rejection By His Brothers

The second-mile man: Joseph had demonstrated himself to be a 'second-mile' man (Mat. 5:41) for, having failed to find his brothers at Shechem, as we read in the previous article, he had travelled voluntarily the extra miles to Dothan. As ...


The Servant

'Joseph... was sold as a slave ... the king ... made him lord of his house, and ruler overall his possessions' (PS. 105:17-21). He went the path that the Lord Jesus would take many centuries later, from the place of ...


The Prisoner

From Hebron to Prison: Joseph experienced one emotional trauma after another. From happy fellowship with his father in Hebron to hatred and rejection by his brothers; sold by them to travelling merchants and then re-sold to become the slave of ...


His Discernment

What is to be: Scripture uses the expression 'the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God' (Acts 2:23), relating to the delivering up of the Lord Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the fact that in an event such as this, where the ...


As Saviour

A large notice outside the writer's church hail proclaims, 'The Father has sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world' (1 John 4:14). Of all the bulletins the nations constantly receive, this declaration remains supreme: supreme in relevance; ...



In religious circles today a great, though not altogether scriptural, emphasis is being placed on dealing with painful or disturbing memories. We all have them; for example, have you ever been hurt by a brother or sister? How have you ...


The Government On His Shoulder

Government has always been a problem among nations. Human society has long recognized the need for there to be rulers, yet sin in both ruler and subject also meant frequent rebellion and uprisings. History is one long struggle between conqueror ...


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