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Perspective And Purpose

What is a miracle?A child is born; a caterpillar breaks out from its chrysalis; green shoots push up through the earth in Spring. Mere human technology could never achieve such results, and yet although we may sometimes say of these ...


Creator In Control

Had the Lord's life been humanly planned, His emergence on the public scene would have been a blaze of glory in front of a vast audience in order to make maximum impact. No Wine (John 2:1-11): But for the self-effacing ...


Master Of The Seas

The sea! To those who enjoy a few fleeting weeks by its shores in glorious, peaceful weather it can give satisfying relaxation, but to those who "go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters" it ...


Recovery Of Sight

Which of your senses do you think contributes most to your quality of life? Touch, taste, sight, smell or hearing; aren't they all so important and also intricate? Sight is very complex. No optical system of men can fully match ...


The Dead Raised

A Miracle in Nain: Today in the little Arab village of Nain in Galilee (the Nain of Scripture) stands an old Christian shrine. Inside it is virtually empty - until you look up into the high vaulted ceiling and there, ...


Satan's Works Destroyed

During a meeting at work a Christian colleague knocked at the door and interrupted to ask to speak to me privately. Vera, a social worker, said that her manager had just asked her to interview a woman reported to be ...


Lord Of The Sabbath

The most sacred symbol of Judaism in the nation of Israel was the sabbath. Many traditions and rituals upheld by the Jews were copied by the heathen. Many nations had their altars and their sacrifices, but the sabbath was unique ...


The Unfailing Healer

In the miracles of the Lord Jesus, Matthew 8:2-4 records the cleansing of a leper: When He had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. And behold, a leper came and worshipped Him, saying, "Lord, if You are ...


Faith Rewarded

In our studies of the Miracles we have seen that a vital element in them all is the exercise of faith. But faith is a fragile plant that requires nurturing which the disciples recognized when they said 11Lord, increase our ...


A Twelve Year Parallel

A baby - an only daughter, perhaps the only child that the parents would have, had come into their lives and joy would he mingled with high hopes. A troubled lady - who felt the onset of a malfunctioning of ...


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