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Are We Disciples?

Our Lord sets the standard very high of what a disciple is. It is not contained in one or two acts, but a daily life of self-denial, a daily taking up of the cross and following after Him who set ...


The Home Life

Begin at home; this is where the Lord began. "Honour thy father and thy mother." Obey your parents; help them all you can in the work of the home. How very many things there are that you may do in ...


God's Hidden Wisdom Revealed

In Romans 1. the power of God is emphasized: power as associated with Christ (verse 4), with creation (verse 20), and with the gospel (verse 16). In 1 Corinthians 1. the wisdom of God is emphasized: wisdom as displayed in ...


"Where Have Ye Laid Him?"

Scarcely had the Lord Jesus asked this question about Lazarus when tears, telling of pent-up sorrow, began to flow down His holy cheeks. "Jesus wept" (John 11. 35). What a tiny verse-the smallest in the Bible! To write about it, ...


A Glorious Church

In that great structure of architectural skill and magnificence known as "St. Paul's Cathedral" (London), there are numerous monuments to many of the great heroes and intellectuals of this country. But where, it might be asked, among them all is ...


"Now Is My Soul Troubled"

When the Lord Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem the people cried out, "Hosanna: Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel" (John 12. 13), but though they so welcomed Him ...


"That Thou Doest Do Quickly"

Some of the words spoken by the Lord Jesus can be appropriated because their scope is extensive, and sometimes even universal. Others, being more direct, are limited, applying in some cases to one particular person; for example, "That thou doest ...


The Revealing Of The Sons Of God

Many of our readers knew Mr. T. C. O'Neill, beloved in Christ, and beloved for his work's sake; and all who knew him will agree, we feel sure, that the insertion of an article from a pen that will write ...


"Whom The Father Will Send"

It was to the Holy Spirit the Lord Jesus referred when He spake these words (John 14. 26), and from the well-known word "whom," we gather that the Holy Spirit cannot be either a thing or influence but a person, ...


"I Am The True Vine"

Three chapters in John's Gospel, coming one after another, are taken up entirely with words which come from the Lord Jesus Christ. The first of these-chapter 15, contains the parable of the vine tree, in which the Lord Jesus tells ...


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