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Oct 1996 - Editorial

How many generations of your family have been readers of Needed Truth? Each month these magazines are received by some whose parents and grandparents before them have delighted in this reading material. Not many readers have access to the annual ...


Nov 1996 - Editorial

Focus this month centres upon ingenious human achievements in the art of communication in the world of cyberspace. But man's inventiveness comes at a price, both in money and in time. For some, the facility of instant communication is well ...


Dec 1996 - Editorial

Editors are grateful for the help of contributors to this issue from far away places such as Ontario, British Columbia and Australia, as well as from the UK. This world-wide spread of our sources seems to have been; at least ...


Jan 1995 - Editorial

Following the advice of James (4:13-15) that we ought always to make some reference to our dependence upon the Lord's will, editors make known their plans for 1995. The main subject is The Life of Joseph, and when the number ...


Feb 1995 - Editorial

The early formative years of a child are greatly influenced by family background. As the boy Joseph grew into manhood, many of his parents' characteristics were reflected in his behaviour. Our writer this month has filled in family events which ...


Mar 1995 - Editorial

Subjection is helpfully highlighted this month, a subject which, we suggest, is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Joseph's subjection to the will of his father Jacob, the theme of our main serial article, beautifully typifies the subjection of the eternal Son ...


Apr 1995 - Editorial

This is the time of year that Passover occurs. On the first occasion the surrounding events resulted in the children of Israel becoming suddenly wealthy; as God had promised, the Egyptian people showered them with jewelry. Later the Israelites would ...


May 1995 - Editorial

'Don't criticize it until you've tried it', stated the dear believer to me. 'There is no substitute for experience'. However true the latter statement may be, religious experience not solidly based on the Word of God is suspect at best, ...


Jun 1995 - Editorial

Our first objective in studying the life of Joseph is to view him as a foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus. So far we have looked at his home life, his subjection to his father and to his brothers, then as ...


Jul 1995 - Editorial

At the conclusion of the parable of the vineyard the Lord quoted from Psalm 118, foretelling Israel's repudiation of His Messiahship, by describing Himself as 'the Stone which the builders rejected' (Mat. 21:42). He also foretold His glorious resurrection and ...


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