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Notes On Psalm 4 - Bible Studies 1964

The psalmist proceeds and encourages his readers to offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and to put their trust in the Lord. In Psalm 51, the psalm of his great confession over the matter of Bath-sheba, he says, Thou delightest not ...


Feb1996 - Notes On Psalm 4 - Bible Studies 1964

David knew well that The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination: How much more, when he bringeth it with a wicked mind! (Prov. 21:27) 'Cease to do evil' comes before 'learn to do well' (Is. 1:10-17). Many were saying, ...


Mar 1996 - Notes On Psalm 5 - Bible Studies 1964

In contrast to Psalm 4, which was to be sung to the accompaniment of stringed instruments, this psalm was to be sung to the music of wind instruments. It may be that the contents of these psalms were suited to ...


Apr 1996 - - Notes On Psalm 5 - Bible Studies 1964

As king of Israel, David was burdened about the arrogant, the workers of iniquity, the liars and the bloodthirsty and deceitful men within the kingdom over which he reigned. Alas, the men of Israel were not all good men and ...


Notes On Psalm 5 - Bible Studies 1964

Is it any wonder that the Babylonish captivity followed this behaviour, and many trudged the long, long way east to Babylon, never more to return again to their land, but to die in Babylon? It is sad, sad, but 2 ...


Jun 1996 - Notes On Psalm 6 - Bible Studies 1964

This psalm was sung to the music of stringed instruments. It was on the Sheminith, the eighth. Gesenius says, 'Octave, the lowest note sung by men's voices (basso)'. Mr. Darby's note on I Chronicles 15:21 is, 'Lit. eighth, probably the ...


Jul 1996 - Notes On Psalm 6 - Bible Studies 1964

The LORD is slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy and truth (Ex. 34:6; Nah. 1:3). Asaph asks the question, 'Who may stand in Thy sight when once Thou art angry?' (Ps. 76:7). We read of God being angry with ...


Aug 1996 - Notes On Psalm 6 - Bible Studies 1964

It would be too much to say that Psalm 6 refers to the same experience of David as Psalms 32 and 51. David felt the need of God's healing hand, restoring mercy and delivering power. Our wrongdoing may get us ...


Sep 1996 - Notes On Psalm 6 - Bible Studies 1964

David says that there is no memorial of God in death, and 'in Sheol who shall give Thee thanks?' It may be well to quote one or two scriptures in the connexion in which we are writing: The dead praise ...


Oct 1996 - Notes On Psalm 6 - Bible Studies 1964

Job also adds what seems to corroborate the thought that the righteous at death went to where they enjoyed peace and rest. He says, 'There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest' (Job 3:17). But ...


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