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The Psalms Of Asaph - Introduction

I'm sure as we think of the book of Psalms, the name of David is the one that immediately comes to our minds. We may remember David's lovely twenty third Psalm: "The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want ...


Psalm 50

Day after day we are confronted in the newspapers and on television with men who commit the most brutal acts of violence. Many laugh at the thought of a God in heaven. They ridicule the Word of God and openly ...


Psalm 73

Last month we were thinking from Psalm 50 of the problem of wrong behaviour among God's people. Now, in Psalm 73, we look at the problem of unpunished wickedness in the world. "Is there any point in living a godly ...


Psalm 74

In previous articles we have thought of the glory and beauty of the Temple buildings in Jerusalem, where Asaph and his sons praised God in singing and music. But if we'd been alive to visit that same temple some 350 ...


Psalm 75

Of all the ways in which a lesson can be firmly implanted in our minds, the use of sharp contrasts is among the most effective. The judgements of God are the subject of this psalm in which, by the use ...


Psalm 76

I've been thinking about the expression those two disciples used, to their unknown Companion, while journeying from Jerusalem to Emmaus, on the third day after the crucifixion. "We hoped," they said concerning their crucified Saviour, "We hoped that it was ...


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