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The Valley Of Decision

During the early life of Moses, the faith of his parents and sister were instrumental, under the hand of God, in the preservation of his life. The time came when Moses' personal faith and conviction were apparent. "By faith Moses, ...


Does It Really Matter? (1)

Does it really matter whether or not believers in Christ are baptized? We are, of course, referring to the physical immersion or burial in water of the believer and the emersion or raising up again to give effect to the ...


Does It Really Matter? (2)

Does it really matter what church we join? This question is often asked by persons after they have received Christ as their Saviour. The new-born joy of the forgiveness of sins and the peace of mind which the assurance of ...


Does It Really Matter? (3)

Does it really matter whether or not we pray to God? Behind this question may lie a process of human reasoning which queries, If God be infinite, eternal and unchangeable in His Being and attributes how can requests presented to ...


Does It Really Matter? (4)

Does it really matter where we worship God? One has heard of a child of God who said that he could worship God just as well sitting alone in a public park as he could in any other place or ...


Does It Really Matter? (5)

Does it really matter how we dress? The writer of Psalm 104 said, "0 LORD my God, Thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honour and majesty. Who coverest Thyself with light as with a garment" (Psa. 104:1,2). Is ...



"If ye know these things, blessed are ye if ye do them" (John 13:17). "If" makes this verse important. The first "if" could be translated "since" as it signifies knowledge already there. The second "if" is one of condition. Having ...


Meditation - Meaningful Or Mysterious?

In the West today there is increasing interest in Eastern mysticism. Young and old are enrolling at night school classes in Yoga and Transcendental Meditation. Many of these students may not be aware that Yoga is a system of Hindu ...


Run Well

When athletes are about to take part in a sprint they crouch on the starting line waiting for the starter's signal. They must be careful not to "jump the gun". When the pistol fires, they are off down the track ...


"The Words Of The Lord Are Pure Words"

The ores from which metals are extracted are found in the earth's crust. The base metals are often found in large quantities but the precious metals are rare. When liquified in intense heat, waste matter, known as dross, comes to ...


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