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Justification By Faith

These and similar articles are not exhaustive expositions of the doctrine of the Lord, but rather an effort to simplify great truths to help those who have recently decided for Christ. In a previous article we said a little ...


About Doubts

You will, no doubt, have read in "The Pilgrim's Progress " the story of the experience of Christian and Hopeful in Doubting Castle. Have you ever been there? Most young believers are troubled with doubts at times. I well remember ...


About Companionship

One of the snares the Devil uses to trap young believers is that of evil companions. Doubtless you will have learned already by experience that the company you keep affects your spiritual life. At school or at work you are ...



I mentioned previously that these articles are to be regarded more as being helps - heart to heart talks on vital truths, rather than doctrinal expositions. In our last talk (p.61) we were differentiating a little between justification and ...



To those who are more advanced in divine things to write on the subject of "feelings" may appear to be unnecessary. Nevertheless I am sure from personal experience many young believers are at times troubled about their feelings, causing them ...


"Buy The Truth

"Buy the truth and sell it not "(Proverbs 23.23). The truth is the revealed will of God for His people. If we wish to apply the truth to our lives, that is, to do what we learn of the ...


Spiritual Progress

(2 Peter 1.). Having given all diligence, super-add to your faith VIRTUE. Faith is the ground work of all-" By grace have ye been saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God." Even faith ...



I. The young look forward; the old look backward. Elderly people often remember better what they did in their youth, than what they did an hour previously. Men return to the days of their youth (Job 33.25), as Elihu said, ...



II. Ambition emerges again in the writings of Paul, "wherefore also we make it our aim (Greek, are ambitious, R.V. marg.),whether at home or absent to be well-pleasing unto Him" (2 Corinthians 5.9). Then he gives the reason for this ...


Seven Miracles Recorded By John

Seven miracles are recorded by John as having been performed by the Lord Jesus, prior to the resurrection. The selection of these seven, out of many more the Lord performed, recorded elsewhere, shews the over-ruling hand of God. They are ...


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