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Time For A Change

In the northern hemisphere, autumn is almost here. The leaves on the trees will soon be turning from green to shades of brown; they will fall, leaving the branches gaunt and bare. Some birds will migrate to warmer lands; some ...


The Compass Was Wrong

It was winter. The two hunters were comfortable and warm as they slept overnight in their wilderness cabin in northern British Columbia. The morning revealed a deep blanket of fresh snow, which gave the countryside an entirely different appearance from ...


The Great Parable

(Luke 15). We regard this as one parable in three parts showing the activity of the Son as Shepherd, the Holy Spirit as Searcher, and the Father who welcomes home the lost one. King Solomon says, "The legs of the ...


The Great Parable (Luke 15) More About The Shepherd And The Sheep

(Luke 15. John 10). I was walking along a street in the town of B. when I came across a large flock of sheep being driven along, I suppose to the market in the town. There was a shepherd in ...


Things Of Which We Should Not Be Ignorant. Concerning Them That Fall Asleep, And The Lord's Coming.

"But we would not have you ignorant brethren concerning them that fall asleep ; that ye sorrow not, even as the rest, which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also ...


The Great Parable (Luke 15)

THE LOST COIN As the Saviour is set forth as the Shepherd in the first part of the great parable, so we judge the Holy Spirit's activities are revealed in the second part. Let us note (a) a lamp is ...


The Great Parable (Luke 15)

THE LOST SON In this section of the parable is revealed the compassionate heart of God and the joy that is His in His readiness to embrace the returning wanderer. We pause to remark that in this renegade we can ...


The Preacher

It is quite evident that the smoking, picture-going, football-fan type of preacher, while he may receive popular applause, lowers the standard of holy living and does not commend the message of the Bible. Writing to the Thessalonians, (and incidentally to ...


Practical Sanctification

Sanctification is both a finished act and a continuing process. Every believer is sanctified, set apart, in his relationship to God through the sacrificial work of Christ. The sinner plays no active part in this aspect of sanctification. He hears, ...


Practical Sanctification

Sanctification is in one sense the act of a moment, and in another the work of a lifetime; a completed act and then a continuous progression. Whenever the great transaction of the new birth takes place, from that moment we ...


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