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An Introduction To Numbers

The book of Numbers in Hebrew is called "in the wilderness," and this is an apt description of the book. Here we see a people, intended by God to occupy the promised land, travelling through the wilderness, with all its ...


"The Good Deposit"

"O Timothy, guard that which is committed unto thee" (1 Timothy 6.20) It is an interesting question as to what was meant by the apostle by "the deposit," "my deposit," "the good deposit." The references to himself and to ...


An Introduction To Numbers

Chapters 13. and 14. reveal their unbelief. They had good tidings preached to them concerning the land, but "they were not united by faith with them that heard" (Hebrews 4.2). God had espied the land for them, and promised to ...



It is interesting and profitable to consider two contrasting words used concerning the weeping of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is especially so as some people seem to think that only the conspicuous and audible shedding of tears denotes intensity ...


Answering Questions

It is quite a natural thing for young people to ask questions. Moses, through the Spirit, is quite definite, "Ask thy father, and he will shew thee; Thine elders, and they will tell thee" (Deuteronomy 32.7). That the young folk ...


Ezra The Scribe

In Nehemiah 8. we see Ezra the scribe "upon a pulpit of wood" opening "the book in the sight of all the people." "All the people gathered together as one man" to hear him read and expound the Scriptures. He ...



The question is sometimes asked by young believers as to the extent of separation, and how far it is possible to associate with other organizations of an evangelical kind. The difficulty seems to be, that we are faced with many ...


Evangelistic Crusades

There is no doubt at all that the Lord, who yielded up His life on the Cross for the sins of men, still longs for men to be saved. That tender heart of His which caused Him to weep over ...


"The Secret Place"

(THOUGHTS ON PSALM 91.) Oh ! for that secret place where I may lie Serene beneath Thy shadow, 0 Most High! Where, conscious of almighty power near, I restful may abide, immune from fear. Thy shelt'ring pinions o'er me spread; ...


Men Of God

"Look ye out - from among you - men of good report, full of the Spirit and of wisdom" (Acts 6.3). The Lord's work needs men, men full of the Spirit and of wisdom, and of good report. The Lord's ...


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