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"Abide In Me."

In a former article we gave some thoughts on the Lord's words, "Abide in Me," and now we draw attention to what abiding in Him really means, what it involves. (1)To abide in Him His word must be abiding in ...


"Abide In Me."

In a former article we drew attention to certain things which are implied in abiding in Him; and we desire now to write concerning some of the promises and blessings that accrue from this happy condition. The first of these ...


"Abide In Me."

There are two very important things stated by the Lord in John 15. verse 2: "Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, He taketh it away: and every branch that beareth fruit, He cleanseth it that it may bear ...


"Is There A God?"

This question has arisen in most minds, and perhaps the general answer has been, Yes. No matter how far men search into the past they find that people believed in a supreme Being who was greater than themselves and whom ...


The Fear Of The Lord

One address which remains with me from early youth was that of the Lord's day afternoon following the sudden homegoing of beloved A. F. Anderson of Glasgow. It was from Psalm 12." Help, LORD, for the godly man ceaseth." Godly ...



Salvation is of the LORD," cried Jonah, while still in the belly of the sea monster after his miraculous escape from certain death by drowning. That statement is also true in a more general sense. Scripture declares that "the grace ...


The Effect Of Early Training

It is well to remember the lesson taught in the training of trees you may bend the tree almost as you wish in its early life, but to bend it when its stem becomes strong and its fibre set is ...


The Effect Of Early Training

It is no chance that side by side in chapters 38. and 39. of Genesis we have part of the life stories of Judah and Joseph, the two most outstanding sons of Jacob. Judah was a born leader and a ...


Raising The Banner

Many young people have asked questions concerning the origins of the present testimony. "Did it start in various places at the same time and gradually get moulded into a unity? Or was it commenced as a result of a conference ...



Now the man Moses was very meek above all men that were upon, the face of the earth" (Numbers 12.1). It is interesting to read this testimony from God to His faithful servant. Miriam and Aaron had spoken against Moses. ...


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