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'After Eight Days'

When the risen Lord appeared to His fearful disciples on 'the first day of the week', He stood among them and said, 'Peace be unto you' (John 20:19). Then He showed them His hands and side. His voice ...


In Spirit And In Truth

They stood at the well together, the Samaritan woman who had known the rejection of human lovers, and the One who loved her with all the love of God. The Lord had to go to Samaria, itself a prompting ...


A Change Of Vocation

That is what Saul of Tarsus experienced. Unexpected? Without a doubt. He was riding the crest of the wave in influence and popularity amongst his people. He was eminently successful in his task of attacking, persecuting, scattering, and murdering Christians. ...


Christian Stewardship In New Covenant Context

A dispensational setting is contemplated in this study, for as we shall see, stewardship and dispensation are allied terms. The subject is considered under various headings as follows: 1. Definitions of 'Steward' and 'Stewardship' 'A steward is a person entrusted ...


Our Matchless Lord

Clothedwith a garment down to the foot, Girt about at the breasts 'with a golden girdle. His headand His hairwere white as white wool, white as snow; His eyeswere as a flame ...


Faithful Amidst Unfaithfulness

It must have been a bewildering time for the godly Israelite when the kingdom was divided, with ten tribes following Jeroboam, while Judah and Benjamin maintained their allegiance to David's grandson, Rehoboam. From the outset it was evident that king ...


Bound To Be Free

The word 'liberty' has an attraction all its own. It has the pure air of the mountains about it; the expanse of the ocean, the soaring flight of the eagle. It resounds with a clarion sound that lifts bowed heads, ...


How Great Is Our God?

We cannot answer that question in full, but consideration of God's character must improve our appreciation. To start with, God is awe-inspiring. God keeps track of all the stars involving millions of tonnes and speeds of thousands of miles per ...


Sin, Its Origin And Outworking

Regarding the origin and outworking of sin, the Scriptures are chiefly concerned with this subject as it affects the human race from the fall of Adam onwards, but glimpses are given of an even earlier expression of sin in the ...



That is our response to the courage of God's people during a time of adversity. There was little to encourage the desolate Israelites in Jerusalem where the city walls were in crumbling ruin, and the gates had been destroyed by ...


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