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A Spurious Diagnosis

A recurrent topic in the newspapers is the dismal failure of modern man to find an answer to the stresses and strains of Western society. "Experts" of various kinds continually harangue the public on this subject. Both in their ...


Britain And The Common Market

It now appears that the historic decision whether or not Britain is to join the European Common Market will be reached this summer. This question has been under discussion for the past ten years but the two previous attempts at ...


Comment By Torchlight

Disaster in Space On this page in September 1965, commenting on "Space Race", we posed the question, "Where will it all end? Will come great catastrophe occur to halt man's audacity and once more expose his limitations? Or will ...


Middle East Review

In November last, we commented here on the dramatic sequence of events in the Middle East during the autumn of 1970 and, in particular, on certain momentous developments in the Arab world. The hijacking of Swissair and B.O.A.C. jets by ...


Whither Britain?

It is an understatement to say that these are critical days in the United Kingdom. The Government is beset by the problems of mounting violence and crime, of galloping inflation, of serious industrial strife, of growing unemployment, to mention but ...


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A Courageous Protest Lord Denning, Master of the Rolls and President of the Marriage Guidance Council, in a speech at Nottingham last month, expressed himself vigorously on the subject of "the permissive society". He said, "It is time for all ...


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Diplomatic Initiatives The closing months of 1971 have seen an exceptional burst of diplomatic activity by world statesmen In September the British Foreign Secretary, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, had talks in Cairo with President Sadat of Egypt This was the ...


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The 'seventies We enter a new decade of human history under the dark clouds which gathered during the 'sixties. In spite of man's conquest of space and his spectacular technological progress, culminating in the landings on the moon, events on ...


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Nigerian Distress The end of hostilities in Nigeria has left the Federal Government a harrowing problem of rehabilitation At the time of writing, conflicting reports make it impossible to assess the extent of the problem but that it calls ...


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