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The Graham Crusades We referred here in March last to the sensationalism and gimmickry which are sometimes employed under the guise of preaching the gospel. We also commented in April on "spurious enthusiasm" and the dangers of modern mass evangelism ...


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The Book of God In our present issue, our co-worker John Drain draws attention to the place Scripture occupied in the period generally described as the Reformation. An apostate church had held sway in Christendom for many centuries and had ...


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Extending Ecumenicalism Following the Vatican's declaration on the new attitude of the Roman Catholic Church to the Jews, a national commission has been formed in London with wide terms of reference to foster closer relations between Jews and Catholics. In ...


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Economic Crisis The severe measures taken by the British Government to deal with the economic ills of the nation are evidence of the serious situation which has developed. As they bite into the economy, these measures will have far-reaching results. ...


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Crime Wave As we write public indignation has been aroused by the shooting of three policemen in a London street. The increase in violence and gang-warfare is becoming a serious problem for the police. Our sympathy goes out to the ...


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The Earth is the LORD'S The photographs of the Earth taken by the Gemini II astronauts from an altitude of 460 miles in September last and published in the Press, must be among the most memorable pictures ever taken by ...


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Aberfan The stark tragedy which overtook the small mining village of Aberfan on the morning of 21 October 1966 will live in the memory of this generation and beyond. Without warning, the slurry from the slag tip descended, engulfing Pantyglas ...


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"Time, like an ever-rolling stream, Bears all its sons away." These words of Isaac Watts come to mind at the Opening of another year. They express the fact of human frailty and they pose the question of human destiny. For ...


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General Election After a year of political unease the decks are being cleared for a General Election in the United Kingdom. The preliminary manoeuvres are well advanced, and soon the battle will be in full array. All the devices ...


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Roman Pontiff The visit of the Pope to Israel and Jordan at the beginning of January, and his meeting with the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church, were superbly publicized. An army of news reporters and photographers tracked his every ...


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